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Professional & User Freindly 

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First Impressions Matter

Your website serves as the central hub for all of your online activity. It is where you will attract customers or lose customers - make money or lose money. Pate Designs will build you a website that is stunning, user friendly, and most importantly - attract customers to your business.


Stand Out For The Competition

Everyone has competition and we are all looking for ways to stand out from the pack. Pate Designs teams up with you to fight in your corner. We want you to succeed above your competitors and we'll see to it that you have the most professional and user friendly web design possible. 

Budget Friendly

Our services are geared towards the needs of the small business owner. We know and appreciate the hard work to takes to run a business and compete for customers. We use our knowledge and skill set to aid you in your website needs. A website is THE key component in attracting customers and gaining their trust - it also shouldn't break the bank! Unlike larger tech companies who may be reaching out to build your website, we have a face, we're local, and we want to be a small part in helping your business succeed

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What You Can Expect

1 - Learn your Needs 

We will work one-on-one with you through the entire process of building your website. We can meet in person, talk over the phone, or converse through email - whatever is best for you! But we need to learn what your business needs are, how you run your business, and what you offer. We have experience building a vast array of different websites and can help guide you to what best suites your needs.

2 - Learn your Design Preferences

Once we have an understanding of your business we'll need to know what you want your website to do. From a simple informative one page website to a full e-commerce site, we can tailor to what you want.  

3 - Infrastructure

Next, we will need to know what you already have in place. Are we redesigning an existing website or starting from scratch. Maybe you've secured a domain name but don't have a functioning site yet. Whatever you already have in place, we'll discuss the best route to get your new site up and running. 

4 - Rough Draft

Once we have the big picture of what you need in your new website we'll get to work designing it. Depending on the scope of the project we'll produce a rough draft for your review in 2 weeks time. 

5 - Launch Website

Once final edits are made your site is ready to go live!

6 - Maintenance Plans

Some complex websites will require maintainance every month, while others may only need updating every 2 years. We can discuss the needs of your website and provide what best helps you - monthly monitoring or as needed services.

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Let's Get Started

Designing Your Website!

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