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Professional & User Freindly 

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Interact With Your Customers

Meet your customers where they are and add value to their day - that's what they'll respond to!

Allow Pate's Design to come along side your social media and advertising efforts and reap the reward!


Tell Your Story

Social media is your space to tell your companies story, but every platform requires slightly different story telling methods. Think of Twitter as the office water cooler and Instagram as a photo album. One social platform you'll need to story tell through compelling photos and the other by constant interaction. Pate Designs can help guide you to the proper social channels that will benefit your business and create compelling content.

Budget Friendly

Our services are geared towards the needs of the small business owner. We know and appreciate the hard work it takes to run a business and compete for customers. We use our knowledge and skill set to aid you in your marketing needs. 

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Paid Social Advertising

Interact with your customers where they are and tell your company's story. We help you develop the appropriate materials for each social site you choose.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is currently the largest platform where your customers are interacting. We help you dial in on your marketing efforts and make the most of Facebook's marketing tools.

Marketing Strategy

Reach your company goals through a well planned out marketing strategy. We'll assist in goal planning, build a marketing strategy and take the necessary steps to implement the plan.  

Post Scheduling

We create a posting schedule built around your marketing goals and assist in content development. 

Designing on a Tablet
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Let's Work Together!

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