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Professional & User Freindly 

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First Impressions Matter

We work with every part of branding to help businesses present themselves as a cohesive brand. From little touches to a complete overhaul, we take pride in seeing you succeed and stand out from the competition. 


Stand Out For The Competition

Everyone has competition and we are all looking for ways to stand out from the pack. Pate Designs teams up with you to fight in your corner. We want you to succeed above your competitors and we'll see to it that you have the best logo, colors, signage, billboards, and everything you need to stand out from the pack. 

Budget Friendly

Our services are geared towards the needs of the small business owner. We know and appreciate the hard work to takes to run a business and compete for customers. We use our knowledge and skill set to aid you in your graphic design needs. 

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  • Branding Packages

  • Logo Design

  • Promotional Gear & Giveaways

  • Billboard/Sign Design

  • Menu Design

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Let's Work Together!

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